Disc Junkies Putting League

September ’17 – March ’18 • Manchester, New Hampshire
Putting league

About this League

Putting league – 33 all-time players – 33 active players
$5.00 one-time player fee for this league
$5.00 player fee each session

Disc Golf Putting League

• One-time player fee (assessed first time playing): $5.00
• Weekly player fee (each session): $5.00

Location (function room):
Spare Time
216 Maple St.
Manchester N.H.

Rules and Payouts
• League will be set up as a 24-week point series.
• It will cost $10.00 for your first time playing and $5.00 a week thereafter.
• The first $5.00 will 100% go to the top eight point leaders after the last league night.
• 100% of the $5.00 you pay weekly will go to the top four players of the night.

• A minimum of five (5) putting rounds will be played every week.
Exception: If there are an odd number of players, a player will be selected randomly to
sit out for a round and automatically receive 11 points for that round. No one will sit out
more than one round a night.
• The first round will be random by picking playing cards to determine opponents and
basket assignments.
• For rounds 2 through 5, players will be matched according to the amount of points
accumulated during the previous rounds of that night.
• Once opponents are assigned, a disc flip is done to determine which opponent throws
first. The first person then throws their two putters, one at a time, at the basket 25 feet
Note: Since putting is within 10 meters, there will be no jump putting or stepping over
the line when putting.
• A point is scored for each disc that lands in the basket or chains without the assist of
the wall, ceiling, or floor.
• The second opponent then throws his or her discs.
• The first player to score 11 points wins the round.

Perfect Games
• The only way a player can get 12 points for a round is to score a perfect game (no
• If a player scores a perfect game during regular league play (playoffs excluded), the
player will receive a voucher from Spare Time for a free string of bowling (as supplies
• If the first person up makes it to 11 or 12, the opponent still gets a chance at
more points that count towards final points at the end of the night.
• If both players get a perfect game, you both keep shooting until the tie is broken.
• The winner of the tie gets 12 points and the challenger gets 11.

Example: John has 10 points and Jane has 9 points. John got the most points last turn, so he goes first. John will try to sink both putters to put that round out of reach for the win for Jane. If John gets both putters in, Jane should still try to get her maximum 10 points for the round. If John happened to only get one putter in and Jane got both in, they would play extra turns until the tie was broken. If the score ends up being 14 to 13 because of a tiebreaker, the winner gets 11 points and the loser gets 10.

• The top four players of the night will be determined after the top eight-point leaders
battle it out in the playoffs.
• If more than eight players end up in the top eight, there will be a short elimination
round to narrow it down to eight players.
• Once the top eight players are narrowed down, there will be a single elimination
round to determine the top four players.
• The top four players will proceed to play another two rounds to determine the final

Points System
You will automatically receive one point for each week you participate in league play:
• Places 5th through 8th will receive an additional point for a total of two points.
• 4th place = 3 points
• 3rd place = 4 points
• 2nd place = 5 points
• 1st place = 6 points

We hope this clears up any questions about league. If not, feel free to contact any staff member at any time to clarify a rule. We rely solely on people bringing their practice baskets in from week to week. If you are able to provide a basket for league, please try to bring it by early. Thanks again to all who bring a basket.

Finally, the most important thing to remember is to have fun and the worst that can happen is you will be a better putter come spring.