We are a few Disc Golf Disciples who spread the word of our “Father” Ed Headrick, and his vision… “The sport of Disc Golf” in New England, and around the World! Our main objective is New England Disc Golf, and note worthy stories about Disc Golf from around the Nation, and the World!
Altho I’ve played for many, many years, and my Woodpecker Brothers have many years under their belts, we are your “Average Joe” disc golfers. We “hit more trees than chainz”, and we scream it from the mountain tops, by posting our pictures, or your submitted pictures of a disc and a tree that we have stamped “WOODPECKER’D! When submitting your “WOODPECKER’D” picture, you become a member of the “Woodpecker’d Club”, and will receive one of our “we hit trees” Bumper Stickers!
Along with our “Woodpecker Attitude” we strive to keep you informed of the Disc Golf Goings on in New England. We share tournament info, disc golf course news, disc reviews, and pretty much anything related to Disc Golf. With all of that info between our daily picturesque, funny, informative, or just plain different disc golf posts, it feels like you just hit an “Ace”! Don’t get “WOODPECKER’D”… Like us on Facebook!