2018 NEADGC C-Tier Flex Start at the Hollows North

2018 NEADGC C-Tier Flex Start at the Hollows North

Thursday, May 17, 2018 at The Hollows in Manchester, New Hampshire

C-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament


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About this tournament

The Hollows North Welcomes you all to great day of Disc Golf .

Bill and Norma Bruce, TD’s for this Event want to welcome you to the course and we hope you all have a great time here . There are 4 days of Disc Golf planned for you to enjoy and this is just the beginning ,so get out there and play Disc Golf . Check out our field events and our raffle table. .

1. This is a Flex Start Tournament , which means you can come play the course any time during the day from 8:00am until 5:00pm.

2. Players will register or sign in for the tournament at Breakin Chains Disc Golf, Located just a few blocks from the course at 373 S.Willow Street. Units D 1-7.
From there you will go to the Hollows and play your round of 18 holes.

3. There will have to be at least 3 players on each card that goes out to play. Players are welcome to browse thru our store and hang out with staff members while waiting for a 3 or 4 person group. Players can go out in mixed divisions .

4. Return to Breakin Chains Disc Golf after your round to turn in score cards. Winners will be posted as soon as all players have finished and score cards have be added.

5. Pros will be paid out in cash and Ams will be paid out in Breakin Chains Disc Golf Certificates good for everything in our store. We will also do our very best to get you what you want if we don’t have it in stock.

Refund policy

Breakin Chains is Responsible for Refunds for this event.


Flex Start.


Player Divisions & Entry Fees

$10 additional fee for players without current PDGA memberships.
$25.00 MPO Open
$25.00 MP40 Pro Masters 40+
$25.00 MP50 Pro Masters 50+
$25.00 MP60 Pro Masters 60+
$25.00 FPO Open Women
$25.00 FP40 Pro Masters Women 40+
$25.00 FP50 Pro Masters Women 50+
$25.00 MA1 Advanced
$25.00 MA40 Amateur Masters 40+
$25.00 MA50 Amateur Masters 50+
$25.00 MA60 Amateur Masters 60+
$25.00 MA2 Intermediate
$25.00 MA3 Recreational
$25.00 FA1 Advanced Women
$25.00 FA40 Amateur Masters Women 40+
$25.00 FA50 Amateur Masters Women 50+
$25.00 FA60 Amateur Masters Women 60+
$25.00 FA2 Intermediate Women
$25.00 FA3 Recreational Women
$25.00 MJ18 Junior 18
$25.00 FJ18 Junior Girls 18

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